Thursday, September 14, 2017

Fall hike up new Curry Ridge Trail at K'esugi Ken campground - 2017

My son Paul and I drove down to the new K'esugi Ken campground about a week ago to hike up the new Curry Ridge Trail to Lake 1787 (named for its elevation). Here is Paul at trail's beginning

Here is a map of the trail posted at the trail's beginning. Notice that the distance to the lake is less than two miles as the raven flies, but over three miles by trail. According to the sign, the elevtion change from the campground to the lake is 1100 feet. The trail climbs to a crest and then descends to the lake, so the elevation change to the highest point on the trail may be more than 1100 feet.

Bridge across a creek about a half mile from the trail's beginning. Several rivulets higher up the trail are crossed via rocks in the stream beds.

View of campground from about half way up the trail.

View from trail looking northwest. The weather was variable the day we hiked the trail--rain, mist, sunshine, mist, etc..

View from the turn of one of the swithbacks higher up the ridge.

At the crest of the trail.

View looking out across the Chulitna River from the crest of the trail. Unfortunately, Denali was not out that day.

View of the lake from near ridge crest.

At the lake looking northwest. It took us about 1.5 hours to hike up to the lake--another hour to get back down. Fun hike, even if we did get a little wet.

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