Thursday, March 3, 2016

Sketches of Alaska Cabin Fever Art Sale - 25% off original drawings during March

It has been a long winter, and its time for a little craziness. It's time for a Cabin Fever Art Sale!

In the interest of trying to make some quick cash, for the next 30 days I am having a sale on most of my older drawings. Almost every drawing I have pre-2015 is listed below. All are on sale for 25% off their regular prices.

These prices are just for the drawings. Matting and framing are not included. I do matting and framing and can give you a matted and framed picture for about half what a frame shop would charge if you are interested.

The prices include free delivery anywhere in the 50 U.S. States. Shipping outside the U.S. would be at the lowest U.S. Postal Service International Priority rate available.

I accept cash, credit cards and PayPal. I even accept checks. E-mail me at <> if you are interested in anything.

Below is the list of drawings, arranged by the year they were produced, and showing the image size and sale price. If you click on the title it will take you to the post the drawing was featured in. Clicking on the drawing itself will give you an enlarged image.



Valdez Creek post office - Denali Hwy 

 7”x10”             150.00



Denali National Park dog feed cache 

8”x11”             180.00


Rainey Cabin – UAF     

7”x10”             150.00


Richardson Roadhouse - Richardson Hwy

7”x10”             150.00 


St. Mark’s Church – Nenana 

 7”x10”             150.00

West Coast Grocery warehouse – Fairbanks
7”x10”             150.00


Cariole dog sled at Central museum - Steese Hwy 

5”x7”                75.00


Boundary Roadhouse - Top of the World  Hwy 

7”x10”             150.00

Dot Lake Chapel - Alaska Hwy  

 6”x8”              100.00


Doyle’s Roadhouse – Gakona    

6"x10”            130.00


Eagle Court House - Taylor Hwy          

7.5”x10”         150.00


F.E. Company Machine Shop – Fairbanks  

7 .5”x14”          225.00

Palace Hotel—Pioneer Park    

 7”x10”             150.00

Samppi drift mine - Ruby Creek      

7”x5”                  75.00

1940s Osgood face shovel used on Alcan - Delta Junction. 

8” dia.             100.00



ARC shelter cabin, at Brushkana Creek - Denali Hwy  

6 .5”x9”           130.00 

Bingle Memorial Camp lodge - Harding Lake 

6”x10”              130.00

Big Delta Ferryman’s cabin - Richardson Hwy  

5”x7”                 75.00

7”x10”             150.00

Clay Street Cemetery – Fairbanks    

7”x5”                 75.00

Eagle City Hall - Taylor Hwy    

5”x7”                  75.00

Experiment Farm - University of Alaska    

6 .5’x11”         160.00

Healy Hotel - Healy, Parks Hwy    

7”x10”             150.00

Livengood garage - Elliott Hwy     

6”x8”               110.00

Mary Davis House - Cowles Street, Fairbanks  

6”x10”             130.00

McCarty Stamp Mill - Fairbanks Creek    

6”x9”               120.00

Paxson’s Roadhouse ruins - Richardson Hwy    

6”x10”             130.00

Slana Roadhouse - Tok Cut-off        

7”x10”             150.00

Sourdough Roadhouse cabins - Richardson Hwy   

7”x10”             150.00

Tanana River from John Haines homestead - Richardson Hwy   

6”x10”             130.00

White Seal Dock building - Cowles Street, Fairbanks  

5”x7.5”              85.00

1942 CAA truck near Northway - Alaska Highway    

5”x7”                  75.00



Abandoned cabin – Circle   

 7’x5”                 75.00

Birch Hill Cemetery - Fairbanks    

5”x7”                 75.00

Chicken dredge – Chicken  

6”x10”             130.00

Colorado Creek Roadhouse – Chena Hot Springs Rd. 

7”x10”             150.00

Empress Theater – Fairbanks   

7” x 9           140.00

Fordson snow tractor – Fairbanks   

7”x5”                 75.00

Gakona Lodge – Gakona    

6”x10”             130.00

Manley Roadhouse – Manley Hot Springs    

6” x 9”             120.00

Nome Creek dredge buckets – Nome Creek  

5”x7”                 75.00

Nenana Native cemetery – Nenana  

7”x5”                 75.00

6.5”x11”          210.00

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