Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More Jean Lester portraits from her "Faces of '84" painting series

Here are three more portraits from Jean Lester's "Faces of '84" series, done to commemorate 25 years of statehood. The series depicts 25 ordinary citizens of Fairbanks.

Lois Meier taught school in Fairbanks for 42 years. She began at Old Main in 1939 and moved to Lathrop High School when it opened. When President Kennedy started the Peace Corps in 1961 she took two years off from teaching high school in Fairbanks to teach at a teacher training school in Ethiopia.

Tony Zak first came to Alaska in 1940, working at a coal mine north of Palmer. After serving in the military during World War II he returned to Alaska and became an electrical worker, eventually joining the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, which sent him all over the state.

Leslie Salisbury was a violinist and music teacher. She and her husband, Lee Salisbury came to Alaska in 1955. She was active with the local symphony, and, being married to Lee (who taught theater at the University of Alaska), was also involved with local theater productions.

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