Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Creeping Juniper in my front yard

 I received a few questions about the growing habits of my creeping juniper, so I am posting two new photos, along with some comments on how creeping juniper (mine at least) grow.

I was asked how much the junipers spread out and how fast they grow. I'm surprised how much the creeping junipers have spread since I planted them. They are not fast growing plants, but they're not slow pokes either. When I planted them about seven years ago they weren't more that 12" in diameter. There is one that is now about 66" across.

The other juniper decided it wanted to be a "regular" tree and has this one branch that is trying to shoot for the sky. While most of the branches aren't higher off the ground that a foot, this one branch is about three feet high. If a person didn't want that to happen they could always prune.

I was also asked if the branches act like vines as they spread out. The branches are fairly stiff, so they don't hang limply, or climb, or entwine themselves like vines. They just spread out pretty much flat across the ground. When branches over hang a wall they just gently droop but still retain their linear form. The tips of the branches do curve upward though.

Just to provide some scale, the fence directly behind the junipers is two feet tall. If you are interested, the fence uprights are 2"x2" treated wood topped with metal caps I fashioned out of copper sheets. The horizontal fence members are 1/2" copper pipe. I curved the pipe to go around the corners of the yard.

And here is a link to my earlier post about creeping junipers

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