Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Old Lindy's Grocery building is a survivor

The photo above is of the old Lindy's Grocery Store building at 3450 College Road.  Carroll "Lindy" Lindberg and his wife, Barbara, owned and operated Lindy's Grocery at its downtown Fairbanks, and College Road locations from the 1940s until 1989.

When I drove past the building earlier this year the exterior was stripped down and I thought the building was probably being torn down. To my surprise and delight, the owners were only rehabilitating the building. The photo is of the building as it looks now.

I hope the building is around for many years to come. Too many historic Fairbanks buildings disappear, only to have businesses replace them with structures that reflect a national corporate identity instead of local community flavor.

College seems to be doing a much better job than Fairbanks at keeping its community identity . Yay College!

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