Thursday, June 27, 2013

1940s Quick-Way Truck Shovel crane on Brockway Chassis near Ester

Here is a 1940s era Quick-Way truck-mounted crane sitting on a Brockway chassis. It is located along the Parks Highway near Ester.

According to an article on the ConstructionEquipment.Com website, in 1922, a prototype truck-mounted shovel (the first truck-mounted shovel developed in the U.S.) was demonstrated in Wyoming. After modifications and further engineering, the “Quick-Way Truck Shovel” went into production in 1929.  It was designed as a shovel, but could be modified to work as a hoe, clamshell, dragline, pile drive and crane.

Several thousand Quick-Ways were manufactured during World War II and shipped worldwide. The Quick-Way Truck Shovel Company was bought out by Marion Power Shovel Company in 1961.

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