Saturday, May 18, 2013

Denali Highway still closed 5-17-2013

The photo above was taken this past weekend from a gravel pit at about Mile 95 of the Denali Highway (about 40 miles from Cantwell). That dark line snaking across the middle of the photo is the road. As you can see, it is still surrounded by plenty of snow.

Last week we made it in about 70 miles, but we heard from a co-worker who tried to drive in the Denali yesterday and was stopped only 20 miles from Cantwell because of wind and drifting snow. Looks like DOT will have to re-plow the road yet again.

Conditions are even worse on the Paxson end.   The snow is over the tops of the snow removal equipment. Crews have to tunnel into the snow, then retreat until the snow roof collapses, then dig it out again. S-L-O-W going.

Brushkana campground (30 miles from Cantwell) is still covered with snow. Who knows what Tangle Lakes campground on the Paxson end is like. Don't plan on camping out along the Denali any time soon.

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