Sunday, November 4, 2012

Elegant old screwdriver puts modern ones to shame

I have yet to seen any recently manufactured screwdrivers that I would call beautiful--even pretty. Most contemporary screwdrivers are simply clunky--all function and no form. If manufacturers do make a nod towards aesthetics, they seem to think that if you just add a rosewood handle to a clunky screwdriver, it will somehow transform it into a thing of beauty. Hardly!

Here is an old screwdriver I inherited from my father-in-law. Tear drop shaped handle that merges smoothly into a tapered shaft ending with the requisite blade. Even the side profile shows a unity of form and function. Good luck finding a modern tool so aesthetically designed.

Now, here a photo of a good quality modern screwdriver. A functional handle attached to a straight shaft with a blade at the end--no beauty queen here. Even for functionality I think the old screwdriver is just as good.

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