Saturday, August 25, 2012

Robins are hogging the swimming hole

The watering hole in out front yard

There is a small fresh water pool in my from yard, partially sheltered by the branches of a juniper. Nearby there are some small birch trees and a few standing stones. When I come out the front door in the morning all the birds (chickadees, juncoes, and yellow-rumped warblers to name a few) tell me it's time to replenish the water.

A robin checking me out before claiming the pool

It has been common for the birds to share the watering hole, but recently they have had problems. A family of robins nests somewhere on the property, and this past week the entire brood has been hogging the bath tub.

While a robin wallows in the water a junco waits its turn

It seems like each robin will take at least five minutes dunking itself, and since there are two parents and four fledglings, this family affair can take quite a while. I've  even observed the robins sometimes chasing other birds away.

An LBJ (little brown jobbie) waits its turn on the standing stone

As you can imagine, the line to use the pool can get long at times. I've sometimes seen at least four robins and a half dozen other birds flitting around the front yard, waiting their chance to get to the water.

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