Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photos of restoration work on Ben Eielson's Curtiss Wright Jenny

I am working on a drawing of Ben Eielson’s Curtis Wright JN-4 (Jenny), which still exists and is being restored. Today I was able to get a look at the pieces of the plane in the University of Alaska, Fairbanks Aviation Technology shop. The plane is being restored by members of the Farthest North Chapter (Chapter 1129) of the Experimental Aircraft Association (Chapter 1129). 

For years the plane hung from the ceiling of the Fairbanks International Airport passenger terminal (with the wrong wings attached). Once the  restoration is complete it will be returned to the airport passenger terminal.

After I finish the drawing I will post more about Ben Eielson and his JN-4.

This is the original fuselage in the painting booth, primed and ready for the finish coat. The engine (a Hispano-Suiza) is peeking out from under the plastic wrap at the front. The plane's original engine was a Curtiss  OX-5.


Photo to the right is of the new wings ready to be put on the fuselage.  


Photo to the left shows the original undercarriage ready to be bolted back on to the plane.

The original metal cowlings for the engine compartment and cockpits.

The airplane's original propeller. On one side of the wooden hub are stamped  the words "JN-4 1916, U.S. Army Signal Corps., OX-5 90 HP."  On the other side  is  a metal plate that says, "Wifferdill Aeroplane Company, JN-4, San Jose, CA."

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