Monday, August 20, 2012

Headframe and garage all that's left at historic Nordale Adit

We drove out to the Wolf Creek area northeast of Fairbanks this weekend to take a look at the Nordale Adit—the entrance to an old hard-rock gold mine. The mine (on the north side of the ridge) was opened up by the Homestake Mining Company in 1908, and operated off and on until the 1980s. The mine portal collapsed in 1986 and the mine has remained closed since then.


 All that is left is the headframe (the frame above a mine shaft) and a garage/shop across the road. The building is surrounded by tall alders so I couldn't get a good shot. I'll have to go back this fall.

Looking up at the headframe. The frame, built out of rough timbers, is not very tall--maybe about 20 feet high.

There are abandoned diggings throughout this  area. On the floor of the gully, several hundred feet below the Nordale Adit, you can see the collapsed remains of another mine building.

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