Friday, August 10, 2012

Farmall A tractor with buzz saw at Creamer's Dairy in Fairbanks

Here are photos of a Farmall A tractor at Creamer’s Dairy in Fairbanks. On the rear of the tractor is a buzz saw attachment for cutting cord wood.

The Farmall A and Super-A were  “row-crop tractors” built by International Harvester between 1939 and 1954. The tractor's engine was offset 9 inches to the right and the seat and controls were offset an equal distance to the left. This gave the driver an improved field of vision for cultivating row crops. International Harvester called this feature “Culti-Vision.”

Attachments were run from either a power take-off or belt pulley located under the seat. (My father grew up on a farm and said the power take-off was one of the most dangerous parts of the tractor. He told the story of a farmer whose bib overalls strap got wrapped around the take-off, resulting in his overalls being ripped from his body. Fortunately he was not seriously injured, but the tractor was put out of commission and the farmer ended up walking home in his long johns.) 

Anyway, the buzz saw on this tractor is powered off the belt pulley. The frame holding the wood to be cut tilts forward. Click here for a YouTube video of a similar buzz saw attached to a Farmall Cub tractor.

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