Friday, June 22, 2012

Old mining camp on Sourdough Creek


On Monday of this week we drove to Sourdough Creek, about 70 miles up the Steese Highway. We have friends whose family owns an old mining camp up there. Borough land records say the buildings were built in 1913, but the book, “Historic Resources in the Fairbanks North Star Borough,” says the buildings date from about 1930. They were built by miner, Tony Zimmerman.

1. Left building in panorama
2. Center building in panorama

3. Right building in panorama
4. Cabin in trees to left of panorama

There are four old cabins there. Three are shown in the panorama. The fourth is in the trees to the left of the large cabin in the panorama foreground. There used to be a garage but it burned about 15 years ago.

Cabin No. 4 can be seen from the Sourdough Creek Road, but the camp is private property. If you go tramping through the hills please respect people's property.

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