Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Improved view of historic houses one of plusses of Illinois Street improvements

The Illinois Street project is bittersweet for me. While it will improve traffic flow through downtown Fairbanks and eliminate some awkward and dangerous traffic situations, it also took out several historic buildings.

One of the few benefits (at least from my perspective) is the improved views of two historic homes along Illinois Street. For years the fronts of the houses at 303 and 315 Illinois Street were obscured by overgrown 10-12" high hedges. The hedges fell victim to the street improvements, and this summer is the first time I have been able to see their front doors from the street! I'll be able to get some good photos for future drawings (at least until the owners put up privacy fences or new hedges grow in).

303 Illinois Street - oblique shot
303 Illinois Street - front shot
This house was built in about 1930 by the chief carpenter for the Fairbanks Exploration Company.

This house was also built in about 1930. It was the home for the chief engineer at the Fairbanks Exploration Company. 

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