Sunday, April 15, 2012

Angelmorphosis 13 - From C-clamp to long-necked goose

Angel at 10 am 4-13-2012
Angel at 5 pm 4-13-2012

Yesterday and today brought the angel into the realm of modern art. She-it is now (as my 3-Dimensional Design class instructor would say) a highly penetrated mass. Sort of reminds me of work by artists such as Henry Moore.

Angel at 10 am 4-14-2012
Angel at 6 pm 4-14-2012

My wife said yesterday's form reminded her of a C-clamp. This afternoon's form looked like a goose looking back over its should according to her.

Today may be the angel's last day. (Of course I've been saying that for the past several days.) But the angel is now precariously perched on just one corner of her base. Water was literally pouring off her today. I think she will either collapse entirely tonight, or at least the upper portion will fall. We shall see.

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