Thursday, January 19, 2012

A frosty January stroll

The Chena River about 1:00 PM on a frosty January day
The really frigid temperatures are waning, so I have been trying to get out more. The temperature got up to about -25° F today so I walked down to the Chena River, about a ¼ mile from my house.  
There’s a small patch of woods between here and the river—covered with white spruce, birch and cottonwood mostly, with alder and willow down by the river. I took a round-about route and was out about an hour.  
I was on the look-out for moose, since this is the time of year they move into town. Didn’t see any moose, but there were plenty of other tracks.
I saw lots of snowshoe hare and fox sign. There was one spot where it looked like a fox had flushed a hare out from a snow hollow at the base of spruce tree.
The sun still doesn’t get very high (only 5 ½ hours of sunlight) but the light has a marvelous golden tone to it. As the days get longer and temperatures warm I plan to get out and do some snowshoeing farther from town.

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