Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Raven's Brew tops Starbucks in Fairbanks

or maybe it should be "Raven’s Crew tops Starbucks."

Item – Ravens in Fairbanks, after a busy day of dumpster diving and food recycling, used to fly home to their roosts, which were usually located in large trees up in the hills. It was common to see large flights of ravens headed for the hills as the evening light faded. Increasingly, ravens are now forgoing the commute and roosting in Fairbanks, especially around the shopping district on the northern edge of town. Wherever there is a sign or protected area you can see the birds sitting after dark, plumage fluffed up against the cold.

Item – Raven’s Brew is a regional coffee roasting company that started in Ketchikan, Alaska, and now has roasting operations in Anchorage, Alaska and Tumwater, Washington. The company makes wonderfully flavored coffee with beans grown and harvested in an ecological and sustainable manner, and it also treats its growers and suppliers equitably. On top of that its coffee packages feature the fantastic art of Ketchikan artist, Ray Troll. I drink Raven’s Brew.