Monday, October 24, 2011

Just Cover it with Snow!

It might still be summer in Fresno, California; and autumn in Fargo, North Dakota;  but winter is upon us here in Fairbanks, Alaska. Snow has blanketed the area and it probably won’t disappear until next April. For some people this is reason to rejoice since snow sports can now commence.  Others cringe as they reach for the snow shovels and ibuprofen.
For the artist, winter and snow are mixed blessings. Gone are the long hours of plein air sketching and painting. (I did have a watercolorist friend, Edmond James FitzGerald, who, in his younger years, painted plein air during winter. He always carried a hip-flask of whiskey on his field trips. Not only did the whiskey keep him warm, but a little whiskey in the brush water kept it from freezing.) Gone also are the extended evenings with their marvelous light. But winter does have its artistic advantages. 

If you don’t have the time or inclination to put in a detailed shingle or shake roof—just cover it with snow!
If you can’t get the grass right or need to hide something—just cover it with snow!

And if a tree obscures the building you are drawing (assuming you don’t want to get rid of the tree) just get rid of the leaves!

 Of course, I would never stoop to such tricks.

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