Saturday, October 22, 2011

Autumn at Livengood

Old Warehouse
Outhouse at old garage

 We drove up to Livengood (about 80 miles north of Fairbanks) last week. Livengood is an old mining community that was a going concern in the early 1900s. There used to be a large dredge there in the mid 1900s, but it shut down in the 50's and was moved.  Placer mining has continued off and on there, but the town was mostly abandoned. Land ownership there is a mix of State land, old unpatented Federal mining claims, and private property, and there are still many active mining claims in the area. So check land status and respect private property if you visit.

horse-drawn sledge
What's left of horse barn
Livengood used to be on the Elliott Highway (which runs from Fairbanks to Manley). However, when the highway was straightened, Livengood was bypassed. It is now about two miles off the highway. The Dalton Highway (to Prudhoe Bay) also takes off from the Elliott just north of Livengood.

Many old cabins there--old equipment just  lying around. It's like an open-air museum (A little confusing without a guide though.) When I get some drawings done I'll probably write more about the town. There is a book on Livengood called "Livengood, the Last Stampede," by Audrey Parker if you are interested.

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