Monday, October 31, 2011

1942 GMC truck I spotted along Alaska Highway

1942 GMC near Northway Junction, Alaska

I drove down to the Beaver Creek (Canada) area this summer. Along the Alaska Highway near Northway Junction (approximate milepost 1260) sits this old 1942 GMC truck. Stenciled on the doors is the lettering, “Department of Commerce, Civil Aeronautics Administration.” The CAA was the precursor to the Federal Aviation Administration.
Northway Juntion  is only about 20 air miles from the Canadian border and the airport there is the entry point into Alaska for most private aircraft. The airport (where the truck was undoubtedly used) was constructed in the 1940s as part of the Northwest Staging Route, where Lend-Lease aircraft bound for Russia during World War II were serviced.
If you are interested in old military vehicles, next August (2012) the Military Vehicle Preservation Association will be bringing a convoy of restored trucks up the Alaska Highway to celebrate the highway’s 70th anniversary. For more information on this event click here.

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